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January 1, 1970
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Kerala style wooden door designs 

The main entrance of the every home is the front door. To ensure the security and quality of the door is very important. We have very good collection of the wide verities of the doors. The wooden doors give the traditional look to the home. Double door and single door designs are available. The traditional wood work enhances the mojo of the house. For security reason we can attach the peep hole in the door. According to the vaasthushastra the main entrance of the home can affects the living conditions of the people I the home.
The door should not close always the better flow of the air help to purify the air in the interior of the home. Sitting or standing in the front door it is a bad habit because the air in the interior and exterior is different ,it is the linking point of purified and unpurified air it while breathing this cause unnecessary health problem. The nilambur woods are available for the construction the front door this is the high quality wood it very strong and long lasting. The most common color used for polishing is the dark yellow and shades of the brown. This color has traditional touch.

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