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Latest trend kerala home staircase models designs

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January 4, 2016
Thrissur Kerala
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The designing of staircase must be important because it can place very important part in changing the look of your home. Most modern designs are with an affordable cost. Like other part of your home enlarging the look of stair case that reflect the style of you. The fusion of traditional with modern designs is also getting more prominence now days. The shape of step in traditional stair case is squire but now rectangular or round shape are also applied. According to the vasthushastra the stair case must form part an important place. Some people are used the space under the stair case for building puja room it didn’t do that .if you have a wish to use the space under the stair case for fitting the wooden cupboard or place a small tee poi or table.

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The railing can be built in wood or in steel. The paintings or wall art can be easily put under the space of the stair case. While constructing the stair case efficiently use the available space. If your home is a medium size or small wide verities of designs, you can select from this. The size and shape of the stair case can be adjusted according to your preferences and convenience of the home. The railing of the stair case can be built with the quality materials.


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