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January 1, 1970
About Project

Now more people have a desire to build puja room in their dream home. While designing and constructing the puja room with at most care because they can make effects in the life of is very better to build a puja room it enlarges the positive energy in your life. The designing and construction of puja room only based on the vasthu shasthra aspects. The puja room should not large the preference small or a medium one. If the shape of the puja room is pyramid it is vast source of the positive energy. See the picture we constructed it for our one of the client. There is attaching of the bells gives a traditional outlook. And we have the collection of idols that can be placed on your puja room. The puja room should not build near the bathroom or under the staircase.
The puja room is a symbol of our worship or trust so keep that in a mind of trust and sacred. The wooden work should be suit to the puja room more lightings is not need the nilavilakku is enough. The color preference is golden yellow or light yellow, it provide spiritual and peaceful look to your puja room. We ensure that create your puja room as per the environmental and architectural and also mixing your own ideas also.

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