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January 13, 2016
Irinjlakuda Thrissur
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The roof of our home can highlights not only for using the designer lights the gypsum ceiling have opened a number of choices .it is a panel made in gypsum plaster and using the paper sheets so it is affordable to everyone. This wall board can create wonders in our roof. Any type of design can be portrait in our roof. It can be available in different sizes, it also act as measure to control the sound transmission between the ceilings and dry it is very suitable to your office also. The look of ordinary house can full change through this ceiling. The main feature of that was it acts as an agent between the original walls to reducing the heat .so keep our interior hot free.
Any colors can be paint in the gypsum ceiling .that match to the theme color of the interior. We can build our dream home in an effective manner. Here the combination of pink and orange it gives pleasant and attractive look to the dining room. The collection of designer lights is used to enhancing the look of gypsum ceiling .we are try decorate your home with the use of simple and effective technique. This ceiling has the ability to transform the ordinary outlook of the house in a spectacular one. You can visit our sites and watch our previous work and see our satisfied clients. Instead of the designer lights we can use small led bulbs to decorate .trough this we can reduce the use of power.

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