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June 22, 2016
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Living room Designs for home interiors in kerala

Creating elegant living room is not an easy task. The living is a significant place in the home. It is asocial place so while furnishing the living room we have to consider so many factors to develop the elegant living room. Living area is a room for display our personal style so selecting the articles for decorating the living room carefully. Using simple technics to increase feel of the living place. The cross ventilation ensure the proper flow of natural light and air it enlarge the positive energy in the living place. It is an entertaining area so the lights and atmosphere make good feel while sitting in the living room. The selection of color, materials for decorating the living room is suitable to the theme of interior. The curtain should be transparent. The living room always have bright there is no corner without light it increase the positive energy. Before designing the living area a proper consultation between client and designer is important it gives a view to plan the materials or articles. Choosing dark shade or light shade it is better to choose some dark shade the vibrant colors can enlarge our energy level and a warm effect in the living area.

We designs a complete living room home interiors in kerala

Let us see this project. it we designed for a client from Palakkad and he is a doctor, the profession, likes and dislikes of the client is consider to plan the living room because our home is room for expressing our personal style so it convey our attitude. So considering these factors enables us to work more efficiently. Most of the people want a cool and peaceful atmosphere in the home because home is shelter to remove tension and pressure of day. Here the theme color is white color have the ability to blend with any other color the brown and shades of brown is used to living room and in articles. Brown is vibrant color that color has a rich feel. So the living room areas are highlighted for using the brown. In the upholstery using small cushions and the size of the tee poi is small so the arrangement is perfect. Wall is a place for display our memorable moments hanging the family photos change our mood. The aquarium is fixed near to the enhance the beauty of the living place.
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