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pooja room designs kerala

pooja room designs kerala

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January 1, 1970
About Project

Puja room is the spiritual place in a home it is a source of positive energy and calm and quite atmosphere. Most of the people now realize the importance of the puja place in the home like puja room. Architecturally it is helps to live in a line of moral and spiritual ways. While construction add designing of puja room give more important than others because if it is made properly the result will not better. For constructing puja room it is better to choose wooden work .the traditional look is only suit for the puja is sacred place so treatment must be in accordance of our traditional values. While painting and lighting of the puja room should not cross the limits. Don’t use the vibrant colors we can use golden yellow or shades of white is better it paint these colors can create a spiritual atmosphere. The small and dim lights provide a cool look and the decorative light is optional the traditional nilavilakku is most suitable to puja room.
Now the modern puja room can be constructed without lot of space money, using wood panels hanging light can helpful to make puja room in the interior of home but you have to notice some factors that the puja room will not build near the bathroom ,kitchen or the space under the stair case it badly affect our living conditions. The effective creation of gypsum ceiling and attach fiery light in it enhances dreamy and peaceful look in the puja room. Like temple designs we have to receive some aspects from that placing of bells mural paint in the door create the traditional out look to your puja room. Instead of flower wise we can fix a traditional vessels and pour full of water and decorate with this flowers.

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