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dining room designs kerala

dining room designs kerala

IN Dining Room Design
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January 3, 2016
Thrissur kerala
cals us
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About Project

Dining room is the social place there is a gathering of the family members and guests so it has a pleasant look and charm it enlarge the energy and positive mood in the dining hall. The wall stickers can increase the mojo of the dining hall. Cultivate interior plants in the dining room that have the ability to purify the air. The cultivation of plants increases the positive energy in the room. The table and chair should design according to the space of the dining hall. The round table is very better to place in the dining hall because it has the ability to enlarge positive energy while eating that is reflected on your health. The designing of gypsum ceiling is improves the overall look. The perfect blending of dark and light colors keeps the dining hall shiny. Ensure there is proper ventilation. The transparency of the curtain and window Assure smoothly flow of the air inside to outside. There is a bettor scope for wall pictures and wall art. The greenish finishing of wall art and the vertical garden gives a natural look to your kitchen. Every types of design can be portrait on the gypsum and the ceiling can resist hot so we can reduce the using of power. The designer lights provide that is attached to the gypsum ceiling transform your ordinary hall into like palace outlook.

For ceiling we can use wooden panel it gives a traditional and eco-friendly look to the dining hall. Hanging the small led lights create a cool look in your dining hall. The creation wall art is quite interesting but need some time. You can create your own ideas convert into pictures. The small flower pot or fabricated pots used to display the decorative article used in the dining room. Through the beautiful gypsum ceiling can create romantic dining room. We can design the hall with wooden panel the one side can be covered by the panel in this panel we can put flower pot or cultivate a vertical garden. The combination of the traditional wooden panel and greenish look provide a dramatically portrait the dining hall

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